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Resharpen Your JavaScript the Best way

Kuntal Das
2 min readDec 24, 2020


Hello all devs around the world,

Recently Scrimba launched their 24 days of javascriptmas challenge to end the year on a merry note. This was a awesome opportunity to re-sharpen my JavaScript skills and I didn’t waste any time to take it.

So what is this challenge about ?

Everyday starting from Dec 1 Scrimba will release a new challenges based on JavaScript and we will complete the challenges given by them on the browser and within their website. YES you heard(read LOL) right they provide a awesome environment in the browser with code auto completion. And Further more it supports all the key-binds from vs-code so it was easy to get started there.

To add more to my motivation scrimba was announcing daily winners every day to giveaway Scrimba Pro for a year (worth $150). On Christmas Eve, a winner gets $1000.

Well what were the challenges you ask

Day 1: Candies : my solution
Day 2: Deposit Profit : my solution
Day 3: Chunky Monkey 🐒 : my solution
Day 4: Century From Year : my solution
Day 5: Reverse a String : my solution
Day 6: Sort By Length : my solution

Day 7: Count Vowel Consonant : my solution
Day 8: Rolling Dice 🎲 : my solution
Day 9: Sum Odd Fibonacci Numbers : my solution
Day 10: Adjacent Elements Product : my solution
Day 11: Avoid Obstacles : my solution
Day 12: Valid Time : my solution

Day 13: Extract Each Kth : my solution
Day 14: Maximal Adjacent Difference : my solution
Day 15: Javascript Carousel : my solution
Day 16: Insert Dashes : my solution ← I won a scrimba-pro for a year this day by sharing my solution to LinkedIn
Day 17: Different Symbols Naive : my solution
Day 18: Array Previous Less : my solution

Day 19: Alphabet Subsequences : my solution
Day 20: Domain Type : my solution
Day 21: Sum of 2 : my solution
Day 22: Extract Matrix Numbers : my solution
Day 23: Social Media Input Challenge : my solution
Day 24: Test Your Agility : my solution

Of all these challenges I loved Day 15 JavaScript Carousel the most as it was more real world than other challenges, I could use it in any of my website building projects. It was a very well done UI implementation for image viewing.

The second most loved challenge by me will be the Day 23 Challenge : Social Media Input Challenge because it forced me to use async await for the challenge logic to work and It helped me to remember how async await is handled in JavaScript.

For more challenges like this scrimba has something called “weekly web dev challenge” which is released every Wednesday! I consider to do it regularly.