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Well, I would say “They can”. You can argue but can you prove that they don’t? In this post, I’ll show you how to make a machine understand our emotions 😃 with PyTorch.

When Boston dynamics is busy making their Robots Dance, I wanted to make my own AI which will play all the games for me and I’ll win all the games. Because I wasn’t good at any mobile games at that time😅. So I started learning about AI and all . Some how I ended up doing a free Course in JovianDeep Learning with PyTorch: Zero to GAN” it required me to do a project. I wanted do some thing unique. Well I am not quite there yet to make a AI which play games.

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Today I’m going to add a Star Field like background which I teased in my previous post Taking a simple Contact Form to the next level with css animation and three.js which will respond to mouse movements.

I will be starting where I left of in the previous post and continue adding on to it.You can also start with a basic blank HTML page if you just want to create the background with three.js.

What is three.js ?

Three.js is a lightweight cross-browser JavaScript library/API used to create and display animated 3D computer graphics on a Web browser. Three.js …

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Today I’m going to make a boring Contact Form fun. Here is glimpse of what we will start building today :

In this post I will discuss the HTML and css part with a bit of JavaScript to make the form fully functional and in the next post I’ll discuss how I made the interactive star-field background with three.js.

Let’s Start with HTML

The HTML should be pretty strait forward, two label and two input-box with type="text"

<div class="container">
<form id="send-it" class="being-sent">
<div class="inputbox hidden" style="--delay:100ms;">
<label class="placeholder">name :</label>…

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I will show how to build a currency converter with these following features:

  1. Huge range of Currencies can be converted
  2. Fetch the exchange rate from internet(with the help of exchangerateapi)
  3. Give users freedom to enter exchange if it is not in our list.
  4. Making a cool animation. 😍

[UPDATE: recently I came to know my implementation is not working because the API is no longer open to all like before. Now it needs an API-Key to query the API. I’ll update the post as soon as I get time to adapt my code to their specifications.]

So Where to Start ?

I started in my…

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Hello all devs around the world,

Recently Scrimba launched their 24 days of javascriptmas challenge to end the year on a merry note. This was a awesome opportunity to re-sharpen my JavaScript skills and I didn’t waste any time to take it.

So what is this challenge about ?

Everyday starting from Dec 1 Scrimba will release a new challenges based on JavaScript and we will complete the challenges given by them on the browser and within their website. YES you heard(read LOL) right they provide a awesome environment in the browser with code auto completion. …

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